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All fees involved are clearly stated in Package below.

Letter of authorisation

Pls get this letter ready with MDA before engaging us

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Fee is charged based on Number of Medical Device

RM 13,000

Package A

  • Less than 5 Devices
  • 3 Months Consultation
  • Guidance from A- Z
  • Reliable consultant
  • Hassle-free
RM 16,000


  • Less than 10 Devices
  • 3 Months Consultation
  • Guidance from A - Z
  • Reliable consultant
  • Hassle free

RM 3,000

ala carte

  • Multiplication of 5 Devices
  • Applicable for those who purchase package A or B
  • Guidance from A -Z
  • Reliable consultant
  • Hassle free

Frequently asked questions

GDPMD is Good Distribution Practice for Medical Device.

It’s part of the quality assurance to ensure the products are stored, transported and distributed as required by the authority. 

Stage 1: Project Kick-Off Meeting and Training

  • Establish Project Schedule
  • Establishment of Scope (nature of business)
  • Confirmation on type of medical device
  • Confirmation of storage environment
  • Confirmation on role in supply chain
  • Confirmation on the business process flow
  • GDPMD requirements
  • Brief & explanation on role of product registration (for Local Authorise Rep)
  • Explaining roles in post market surveillance & vigilance activities

Stage 2: Develop and Support on Documentation

  • Development on GDPMD required documentation and procedures
  • Review & fine-tune on GDPMD Regulatory Compliance System documentation
  • Implementation of GDPMD Regulatory Compliance System (including mentoring e.g. use of forms) 

Stage 3: Internal Audit and 3rd Party Audit 

  • Conduct Internal Audit Training
  • Perform internal audit
  • Conducting management review
  • Closing NCR if any
  • Certification audit 

Estimated 2 – 3 months for new application. 

Only 2 type of fees are involved.

  1. Consultation fee
  2. Audit fee (audit fee is paid to a 3rd party company, which you can choose your own auditor or recommended by us).

You may refer to the above price box.

Certification fee ranges from RM8k – RM10k.

You may check with the respective audit company or certifying board. 

If the company is following our guidance, then the success rate will be 100%. 

  1. Legally Compliant
  2. Minimise The Risk  
  3. Reduce The Cost (cost of complaint is even more expensive)
  4. Enhance Your Business Image
  5. Improve Process Efficiency and Business Performance

Our consultant has more than 15 years of experience in medical-related industry.

  1. Clear workflow
  2. No hidden charge
  3. Fee is charged per project, not per man-day. 
  4. Experienced and reliable consultant. 
  5. Guidance from A – Z. 

Petronas, Mydin, Koong Woh Tong and many others.

Upon confirmation and pay 10 days before the commencement: 

  • Stage 1: 50% of total cost
  • Stage 2: 25% of total cost 
  • Stage 3: 25% of total cost 

PS: Travelling allowance will be bare by client for out-of-Klang Valley consultation project.

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