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Fee is charged based on MIGRATION or NEW package, and no of employee 

RM 16,000

Package A (migration)

  • Less than 50 employees
  • 4 Months Consultation
  • Guidance from A- Z
  • Reliable consultant
  • Hassle-free
RM 19,000


  • Less than 50 employees
  • 5 Months Consultation
  • Guidance from A - Z
  • Reliable consultant
  • Hassle free

RM 3,500

ala carte

  • Multiplication of 50 employees
  • Applicable for those who purchase package A or B
  • Guidance from A -Z
  • Reliable consultant
  • Hassle free

Frequently asked questions

ISO45001 is Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series that helps protecting your worker (thus your business) while they are carrying out their work. 

Stage 1: Awareness Training and Establishing Documents (1.5 months)

  • Awareness Training of ISO45001:2018
  • The difference before and after the migration 
  • What’s the new requirement
  • Upgrade and review the existing documentation 
  • Review on the existing manual, procedure and forms
  • Revise and upgrade the existing documents

Stage 2: Guidance on implementation of new requirements, internal audit and management review (2 months) 

  • Guiding staffs for the new standard implementation
  • Monitor on the KPI and achievement result
  • Consultant will act as the lead auditor and guiding the appointed auditor
  • Performing internal audit and updating the audit report
  • Follow up on the internal audit finding
  • Guidance on conducting management review meeting
  • Update management review minute and report

Stage 3: Follow up of Certification audit findings (1 week)

  • Follow up on the internal audit finding
  • Close the non conformance if any

Stage 1: Awareness Training and Establishing Documents (1.5 months)

  • Conducting Awareness Training
  • Review existing documentation system and other standard operating procedures 
  • Fine-tuning the SMS (Safety Management System) based on the latest version

Stage 2 Implementation on SMS (2 months) 

  • Guidance on ISO45001 implementation 
  • Guidance on Internal Audit
  • Establishing corrective action based on the Internal Audit Findings 
  • Carrying out Management Review Meeting.

Stage 3: Compliance Audit (1 month) 

  • Preparation for Certification Body Audit
  • Rectification of Non-Conformance Reports issued by Certification Body.

Estimated 4 months for migration.

Estimated 5 months for new application. 

Only 2 type of fees are involved.

  1. Consultation fee
  2. Audit fee (audit fee is paid to a 3rd party company, which you can choose your own auditor or recommended by us). 

Fee category 

  • For migration, RM16,000 for less than 50 employees 
  • For new application, RM19,000 for less than 50 employees 
  • Ala Carte: a fee of RM3,500 will be added based on the multiplication of 50 employees 
  • All fees written are exclusive of 6% SST                 

For migration

  • Less than 50 employees: RM8k 
  • More than 50 employees: RM9k  

For new application

  • Less than 50 employees: RM8k
  • More than 50 employees: RM9k 

If the company is following our guidance, then the success rate will be 100%. 

  1. Legally Compliant
  2. Minimise The Risk of Accident & Injury
  3. Reduce The Cost (cost of accident is even more expensive)
  4. Protect Your Worker (employee is your biggest asset) 
  5. Improve Process Efficiency and Business Performance
  6. Improve Your Business Branding

Our consultant has more than 15 years of experience in related industry.

  1. Clear workflow
  2. No hidden charge
  3. Fee is charged per project, not per man-day. 
  4. Experienced and reliable consultant. 
  5. Guidance from A – Z. 

Petronas, Mydin, Koong Woh Tong and many others.

Upon confirmation and pay 10 days before the commencement: 

  • Stage 1: 50% of total cost
  • Stage 2: 25% of total cost 
  • Stage 3: 25% of total cost 

PS: Travelling allowance will be bare by client for out-of-Klang Valley consultation project.

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